The Uptonw art stroll Exhibition 2015

I am very honored to be afforded the opportunity to exhibit here at the Dyckman Farmhouse as part of the Uptown Art Stroll.
I have been living in this community now for little more that two years and feel  a real affinity towards the people and landmarks of this vibrant place.
The theme of this exhibition tries to bring together the history of the community with the modern day culture of our times. In essence, each piece contains both the past and the present.
The frames are hand made by myself from reclaimed Redwood that I selvages in Massachusetts during this past winter.
The photographs were taken by me during the spring of 2015.
Iā€™d like to thank both Meridith and Naomi for their wonderful support and for making this event possible.                                                        

       Inwood, Manhattan
       June 2015

The images below form part of the exhibition at the Dyckman Farm House entitled: "Carbon Contrast"

The exhibition will be open to the public through June 2015